The Committee, lead by Treasurer Kevin Quigley, has undertaken a revision of the rules which govern the operation of the Melbourne Athenaeum, last revised and registered in 2007. Members will have an opportunity to raise any questions about these draft rules at the AGM, which will take place in the Library at 1pm on 17 April.

You can read an annotated version of these draft rules here.

You can view the current rules of the organisation here.

TODAYThe Building Today

The exterior of the building today has changed very little, apart from a veranda which was added in 1923 when Frank Talbot remodelled the large hall, building a modern theatre inside it. (See separate section about the theatre)

The Australian Heritage Commission proposed adding the building to the Register of the National Estate and this was carried out in 1980. In 1981 the building was recognised by the Historic Buildings Preservation Council, as entry number 501 in the State's Register of Historic Buildings.

The heritage organisations do not acknowledge the original 1842 building as significant, but refer to the 1886 remodelling when the front was brought to the level of the footpath and the third storey added.