The Melbourne Athenaeum Library will be closed from Friday May 5 for the installation of new shelving and will reopen on Tuesday May 9.

The Library

Throughout its life, the Melbourne Athenaeum Library on Level 1 has provided Melburnians with access to a hand-picked collection of books and reading material. Today, the library holds a 30,000-strong collection and hosts regular events, talks, book clubs and a screen club. It provides a warn, inviting reading room to relax in the heart of the city, and payment of an annual subscription allows you to become part of this extraordinary institution, part of Melbourne's history.



  • The Historic Melbourne Athenaeum Lift
  • A Welcoming Place to Read or Write
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum Library
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum Foyer

Library Photos by Peter Ittack


  • Athenaeum Art Gallery circa 1920
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum Library 1913
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum Library 1962
  • Athenaeum Art Gallery circa 1970

Library History


  • Author Kerry Greenwood at Hands In Print 2015
  • Historic Items at the Library’s 175th Birthday
  • White Night 2015
  • Author Andy Griffiths at Hands In Print 2015

Event Photos