In response to COVID-19, the library is closed until April 30. We will continue to keep members updated about this.
Following advice from Federal and State governments we have decided that closing for the time being is the most responsible course of action.
eBooks will still be available during this period and more information about accessing them can be found on our catalogue.



  • An Historic Institution
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum Library
  • A Welcoming Place to Read or Write
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Library Photos by Peter Ittack


  • Collins Street in 1900
  • The Building’s Exterior in 1857
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum Library 1918
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum Library 1962

Building History


  • Art Installation
  • Author Graeme Base at Hands In Print 2015
  • Author Andy Griffiths at Hands In Print 2015
  • Musical Interludes in the Library

Event Photos